Runshaw College: The only Certified 4 star business-led college

Posted on Friday 28 October 2022.

Runshaw College has provided high quality education for almost 50 years, the college is split across two campuses in Leyland and Chorley. The Service Desk of 5 and wider IT Service team of 15 currently support over 720 Staff and 6000 Students.

Why did you decide to pursue Service Desk Certification?

We had been aware of SDC for a number of years before embarking on the programme, as a small department it was about timing and waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. Our main reason for embarking on SDC was simply Continuous Improvement and our commitment to strive for excellence.

What were the main priorities leading up to the 2022 audit?

For us this year was about tweaks and refinements. We had already achieved so much throughout the journey and reached a really high performance level, but we still had the drive to find further improvements -which we did. One of the best examples of this would be reviewing our Journey Maps and adding customer emotions at various points of the journey.

What were the highlights and difficulties you encountered?

There weren’t many difficulties for us in all honesty, other than the volume of work required whilst also maintaining service operation on a day to day basis. Highlights were the praise and recognition received of our Customer Experience Programme, in particular the way we operate a fluid VIP service which is business driven not person-driven. Refining our walk-up area was another highlight, as well as the improvements to Service Desk equipment that were made during the process.

How was your experience working with SDI?

Fantastic! We found our auditor extremely knowledgeable – his informal but structured and humorous approach fitted with our way of working perfectly! We have experienced many benefits – it’s something we would recommend.

How did you measure the success of the improvement project?

Well there was the Certification score of course – attaining three stars on our first audit was a proud achievement. New monthly reporting has been received really well, both within our department and by the Business / our Senior Management Team. Our reporting process and suite of reports were created as a direct result of the Certification journey. We have achieved consistently high scores since they were created (we already had the data but had no process in place to analyse them). The tangible results have been the different things that our stats have fed in to/underpinned.



Runshaw IT Services share even more in this SDI Member Exclusive Webinar

Member comments on this webinar:

”Brilliant journey map! Thanks for sharing!”
“The compliment/complaint structure is great!”
“I might need to borrow this for my team”



How has your team responded to the achievement?

The pride and satisfaction within the team at seeing how highly we are valued and respected by the business was a great by-product of this process. Other things that have come about as a result of the process are things such as the flexibility of working, for example being able to work seated or standing up sounds simple but has really been appreciated by the team, as well as having health benefits. Becoming the first college globally to achieve SDI Certification and also winning the Best Service Desk Small/Medium Enterprise 2022 award have been very proud achievements!

“The whole journey has been immensely rewarding for the team, we have learnt a great deal and it’s had profound genuine improvements that have made us more customer focussed and far more efficient.”  Download this success story as a pdf


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