SDI Podcast Episode 4

Posted on Tuesday 19 November 2019.

At SDI, we love nothing more than putting a spotlight on service desks and individuals in the community who are doing amazing things! We thought… How can we create a platform to help share these fantastic experiences and journeys, often full of ups and downs?

Enter the SDI Podcast! Which is here to Surprise, Delight, and Inspire! 


SDI Podcast Episode 4

On November 19, International Men’s Day celebrates worldwide the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities by highlighting positive role models and raising awareness of men’s wellbeing.

In honour of International Men’s Day, join SDI’s Scarlett Bayes and Jamie Bell, and John Barry, PhD, talk about men’s mental health, some of the more unanticipated signs of adverse mental health in men, and advice for how men can find a method of coping which suits them.

Notes from Scarlett:

Mental health has become a widely discussed topic by the general public, but also within ITSM. Many of us will be affected by mental health and wellbeing in one way or another, be it directly or indirectly, so we thought it was important to talk to an expert on the topic to learn about how mental health issues can manifest or present, how we, as friends or colleagues, can broach the topic with those who we feel might need help, and how organisations can support the wellbeing of its employees.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to talk to John; his knowledge and insights were incredibly interesting, and in some instances, surprising. Understanding the psychology behind elements of mental health and some of the more indirect, gentle approaches to encourage people to open up will be, I’m sure, invaluable to a lot of listeners as well as myself.

A massive thank you to John and Jamie for taking the time to chat!

Useful links:

Survey finding job satisfaction is major source of wellbeing for men:

By extension, workplace stress will be a major source of stress. (This is a US study but replicates the findings of a smaller UK study of 2000 men).

Therapists (counsellors, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, coaches etc) who take a male-friendly approach can join the Male Psychology Network:

Professional psychologists can join the BPS Male Psychology Section:

Palgrave Handbook of Male Psychology & Mental Health:

Jamie’s personal experience with mental health struggles and how he overcame them:





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