How Can Service Desk Analysts Instantly Enhance Their Skill Set & Customer Experience? 

Posted on Saturday 10 February 2024.

If you’re a Service Desk Analyst or you’re involved with customer focused communications and solutions in your organisation, you can enhance your skillset further and provide a world class customer experience – based on global methods of best practice.

Working in a service desk & support team can be testing and demanding, especially for analysts who are new to their role and/or are lacking the confidence to adapt to the constantly changing landscape of the IT industry. Analysts need to be ready to efficiently address issues head on, and boost not only the customer experience, but also their own motivation and productivity. The great news is that help is at hand with SDI’s Service Desk Analyst (SDA) Course, designed to give you the skill set and confidence you need to help both you and your service thrive.

We recently spoke to Andy Cronin, ICT Infrastructure Team Leader at New Bridge Group about his previous experience on our Service Desk Analyst course, and why he continues to make the important decision to book his team into it as well. See the many benefits that he has gained below:

What key skills did you gain from the SDA course? 

I remember and take advantage of the training every day. I’m using the communication skills to manage conversations better, not only in my workplace but also my personal life. Knowing how to deal with difficult or even aggressive people is so vital and yet so many people end up escalating situations, rather than deescalating with the skills that the SDA course gives. 

How would you best describe your experience with SDI Training? 

I met some really interesting people from other industries on the course. The trainer was excellent, calm, professional and patient with our group. It was a lot of fun. There was a lot of material to take in on the 3 days, but we were given time and space to absorb it. 

Why should analysts take this SDA course?  

This course isn’t just for analysts. This is for anyone and everyone that deals with customers. Internal customers within an organisation, external customers like suppliers or vendors and of course anyone that interacts with the public regularly. There are so many transferable skills that can be used in so many other departments or industries. 

These invaluable skills to be gained are one of the many reasons why the Service Desk Analyst (SDA) course is our most popular training & development course. Explore our Service Desk Analyst (SDA) Training Course and even more of our essential training services – here to support our amazing global community. 

If you’d like to know more about how we support our community and how to utilise our training offering, then please get in touch with us via live chat, email to [email protected] or telephone +44 (0) 1689 889 100.



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