Service Orchestration: An Overview

Posted on Thursday 16 April 2020.

by Scarlett Bayes, Senior Research Analyst, SDI

Service Orchestration: An Overview

What is it?

Service orchestration details the combination of process integration, omnichannel support, intelligent automation, and Shared Services, to create a seamless end to end customer journeys across an organisation and automate low-level tasks.

What are the reasons?

SDI Insight shows that over 60% of service desks still spend the majority of their time firefighting, and there are several aspects of service orchestration which can help free up service desk analysts’ time to take on more valuable tasks.

Service orchestration aims to streamline and optimise processes and utilise automation and integration with tools and technologies to ensure more efficiency across the business. Anytime a process is repeatable, its tasks can be automated, and orchestration can be used to optimise the process in order to reduce or eliminate waste.

What are the benefits?

When done effectively, service orchestration can improve:

  • Service desk performance
  • Customer experience and loyalty
  • Quality and perception of IT services
  • Cross company communication
  • Value to the business

What problems could I run in to?

  • Lack of budget or buy in in order to implement new technologies
  • Poor relationships with other areas of the business to be able to effectively communicate ways to improve
  • Siloed working restricting ability to collaborate or open up communication lines
  • Minimal channel uptake or poor customer education around new support channels
  • Clunky, wasteful processes reducing efficiency and automation capability
  • Lack of internal skills in order to implement

What do I need to do (as a service desk professional) to get started?

  • Start where you are
    • Consider service desk efficiency and weak points
  • Establish a why
    • Create a shared goal to unite stakeholder efforts
  • Define where you want to be
    • Consider your organisation’s long-term strategy and vision
  • Lay out a roadmap
    • Take into account how you’ll meet each milestone and allow your roadmap to be flexible

Where can I find more information?



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