Spark 23 Speaker Spotlight: Sami Kallio

Posted on Thursday 6 July 2023.

Hei! My name is Sami Kallio, and I am an IT industry thought leader in human-centric IT Experience Management (ITXM). I'm excited to share my knowledge and experiences with you as IT leaders and managed service providers (MSPs) at Spark23 this October.

🍉 Sami is obsessed with watermelons!

💼 CEO and co-founder of HappySignals

🖥️ IT industry thought leader in human-centric IT Experience Management (ITXM).

📙 A frequent writer and speaker on the challenges of IT service delivery and support

😄 I encourage companies worldwide to adopt the thinking that employee happiness and productivity go hand in hand. 

🤸 I am ultimately assisting these companies in fostering cultures centred around improved end-user experiences, making human-centric ITXM a much-needed reality in IT.

Fun Facts

🍉 I’m obsessed with watermelons! 

Not because they taste good (although they do), but because they remind him of the “watermelon effect” in IT support. 

You know, when SLAs look green, but employees are still whining? 

It’s like the watermelon – green on the outside, but red (or frustrated) on the inside.

My Favourite Quote

’I hate SLAs 😊’

My Topic

Improving IT Decision-Making Through Experience Data and Insights 

October 31 |  11:15 – 11:35 (Breakout Session)

What currently drives your IT decision-making? There’s likely a wealth of operational data in your corporate ITSM tool, stakeholder feedback from service reviews, continual improvement opportunities, senior leadership opinions, and other quantitative and qualitative sources. But are you confident this is sufficient to make the right decisions and improve IT operations and outcomes in the right areas?   

Our customers find that experience data gives them a different perspective of what’s working and what’s not. Enabling more informed decision-making focused on “what matters most” to employees and business outcomes. Attend Sami’s session to understand how experience data and insights will improve your decision-making and business results, with shared practical customer examples and success stories.  

It’s time to turn your experience management interest and ambitions into actions.  

Key takeaways: 

  1. How experience data and insights differ from those with traditional IT performance management metrics. 
  2. Examples of the common IT service and support issues hidden with traditional IT metrics. 
  3. Real-world examples of where organizations have used experience data and insights to improve operations, services, experiences, and outcomes. 
  4. The insight you need to start your IT organization’s experience management journey and improve your tactical and strategic decision-making (and business results).


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